Koivuniemen Herra’s MuuMaa countryside theme park allows you to experience daily life in the countryside together with the owner and employees. The various activities available at the children’s farm provide things to see and do for people of all ages, from children to adults alike. All activities are included in the admission price and for lodgers.

Animal buddies
With us, you can marvel at the creatures of the animal kingdom, ranging from small farm animals to some slightly more unusual animal friends. “From the oinking pig to the silky chinchilla and the garter snake.”

Guided programmes
The cowbell rings or the hostess calls for people to join in with the daily programme every hour on the hour. Would you like to try milking? Would you jump into a pony-drawn carriage or a tractor? Or would you peek into the hen house during the hen house tour? Throughout the day, the yard is visited by animal buddies, whom you can pet – and you may even get to hold a chicken.

Traditional workshops
At the traditional workshops, which change daily, maids and farmhands help you to, for example, churn butter, spin yarn or climb onto a shingle roof.

Play areas and water activities
The versatile play areas lend themselves to making sand castles, driving on a tractor or riding a hobby horse. The straw beds invite you to jump around, while the quirky tunnel and the pirate barn provide for an ideal setting for imaginary play. On the shore, you can embark on a rowing trip on the farm’s pond.

Campfire and picnics
Bring your own picnic basket and head for the picnic and campfire area. Matches are available at reception and cafe, and campfire logs are included in the admission price.

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Daily Program