Cafeteria and lunch

Koivuniemen Herra’s cafeteria is a perfect place to stop for a relaxing coffee break or to enjoy a tasty lunch with the family between farm activities. Themed caterings and dining by the campfire can also be arranged upon request.

18.2-28.5 SAT – SUN at 11-16 (lunch 12-15)
3.6-13.8 TUE – SUN at 11-18 (lunch 11-16)
19.-20.8 SAT – SUN at 11-18 (lunch 11-16)
26.-27.8 SAT – SUN at 11-18 (lunch 11-16)

Family-friendly lunch

Lunch buffet (seasonal menu) served in the main building.

The lunch includes the following items:

  • Soup of the day (ranging from rich vegetable soup to tasty meat soup)
  • A variety of bread from the Satakunta region
  • A salad bar
  • A main dish
  • dessert
  • Coffee and tea

Buffet (all items) €14.50
Salad bar or soup (incl. bread) €8.50

Children & Students:

12-16-year-olds: €10,50 (all buffet items)
<12-year-olds: €8.50 (all buffet items)
Children under school age: €6.50 (all buffet items)
The so-called “tiny ones”: €3.50 (all buffet items)
Under 2-year-olds €0

All soups are gluten-free (gluten-free bread is served separately).

The cafeteria offers
• coffee and pastries as well as snacks. Ice cream, soft drinks and sweets.
• the shop also stocks souvenirs.
Catering can also be reserved in advance:

Independent picnics

MuuMaa visitors and hotel or hostel guests may use the wood-fired grill and campfire area to enjoy their packed lunches and to grill sausages. Logs are included in the area pass, matches are available from reception or cafeteria.