Daily Program

Daily Program

Countryside activities for all tastes! A lot happens on the children’s farm during opening hours.

Check opening hours from HERE.

Summer program 2023:

11.00 am Meeting the “courage animal” of the day
11.30 am Meeting with an animal friend
12.00 noon Milking the cow
12.30 pm Feeding the pigs
1.00 pm Hand-led horse ride
1.30 pm Tractor ride
2.00 pm Varying activity or event (themes and tasks change daily)
2.30 pm Milking a goat
3.00 pm Pony carriage ride. Tractor ride
3.30 pm Introducing an unusual animal
4.00 pm Milking the cow
4.30 pm Feeding the pigs
5.00 pm Henhouse tour
5.30 pm Tractor ride

Themeday program (autumn, winter, spring):
Farm activities like meetings with animal friends, milking, horseactivity, hen house tour, tracktor ride.

Force majeure:
“If the mouse is sick, there will be no performance. Lazy farmhands will not work and the rooster only sings when he wants to.”