Reservation details

Reservation details

We recommend making preliminary reservations before the end of the previous season. There is no fee for “pencilled-in reservations” and they can be cancelled without cancellation fees.

Details / reservations:

The minimum charge for groups is 30 people. If there are more than 30 paid admissions, the per-person price for the season applies. On the other hand, Koivuniemen Herra will invoice for catering based on information available the day before the visit. Please see above.

If there are fewer than 30 paid admissions, the normal area pass price for the summer applies.

Note! All prices are inclusive of VAT (you will receive an itemised invoice).

Practical arrangements
The programme and practical arrangements can be checked by email or by phone the week before the visit. Requests and options, allergies and diets. Your best bet is to reach us by phone very early or very late. We are only able to take food allergies into account if we are made aware of them in advance. The soup of the day is always low in lactose and it is suitable for low-lactose diets.

In terms of programme arrangements, we appreciate advance notifications of children and adults who require special attention, wheelchairs, etc.