The history of Koivuniemen Herra Farm

Koivuniemen Herra Farm’s traditional farm animals and some slightly more exotic animal friends have been delighting visitors of all ages since 1991. Since the beginning, the company founders Sirkkaliisa and Markku Koivuniemi have provided visitors with a variety of fun and authentic rural experiences. At the farm, visitors can feed the animals, participate in farm activities, and learn more about Finnish farmer culture.

Over the past decade, the farm has seen some significant changes. In 2020, the farm was passed down to the founders’ children, Frans and Miina Koivuniemi. In addition to the change of ownership, the physical location also changed: Koivuniemi’s small farm remained in private use by the previous owners, and Koivuniemen Herra Farm moved to the premises of the old Harju Farm.

From a farm to a dance centre

The old Harju Farm has a varied and complex history. The story began in the mid-19th century, when a glass factory was established on the site. The glass factory was closed after a couple of decades. After that, a brewery operated on the premises for ten years. The actual Harju Farm was established in 1886, when the land was bought by state official Magnus Wilhelm Selander. During the period of Russian rule, Selander and his family worked the land and lived on the farm until 1917.

At the beginning of 1918, the Harju Farm was sold to the municipality of Merikarvia as a children’s home. The main building built by Selander burnt down in 1921, so the children’s home was short-lived. However, the Harju Farm was still seen as a suitable place for the provision of social services: in 1924, a home for the elderly was built on the premises. A mental hospital was also built two years later, in 1926. Both facilities were in operation until the early 1980s. After that, the buildings were briefly left empty. In 1982, a new era began when a Finnish dance event organiser, Jouko Elevaara, bought the premises and established a dance and entertainment centre called Merikievari. After the dance activities quietened down, the premises were sold on and used for other purposes. In 2015, for example, the building was used as emergency accommodation for immigrants.

Koivuniemen Herra Farm serves as a year-round farm tourism destination

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Koivuniemen Herra Farm reopened its doors. The Koivuniemen Herra Farm company operates nationwide. In addition to the farm, it also runs the MuuMaa countryside theme park and a countryside hotel. The company also organises fairs and events and provides conference facilities and wellness services. The services are provided together with a large network of partners and subcontractors.

Koivuniemen Herra Farm is a farm tourism destination that provides visitors with a variety of fun and authentic rural experiences. The relaxing atmosphere and the story-filled farmyard make even a short visit or holiday a refreshing and memorable experience.