Autums and Christmas excursion

Autumn and Christmas excursion

The programme is suitable for children of daycare and school age as well as for clubs and family groups. The programme can be customised according to needs and circumstances.

Theme: Farmers’ autumn and Christmas chores.
Available: August–December
Special groups: The programme and the area lend themselves and can be adjusted to various kinds of special activities.
Length of the autumn excursion 2.5-3.5 hours.
All days of the week have been divided into three periods.
NOTE! The excursion programme is reserved for only one group per group time (exception: spring excursions)

  • The morning excursion takes place approximately 9.00am–12.30pm
  • The afternoon excursion takes place approximately 12.00pm–2.30/3.00pm (dining groups from 11.00am onwards)
  • The evening programme takes place approximately 4.00pm–8.00pm

Start: The hostess arrives at the bus or the parking area to give an introduction to the visit. Animal buddies. A short slot for independent play and activities from hay jumping to swimming in oats and feeding the animals.
Milking experiment: A goat or a cow
In between: Dining (your own food or booked catering)
Free time: Optional programme and a small kiosk
Horsing: Horses are always included in one way or another (depending on the weather, age group and circumstances; also petting horses, pony rides or pony carriages, hand-led horse rides)
Tradition: Topical work show, a game with objects, etc.
Character: Possible appearance of a barn elf or Christmas elf
Animal buddy: An animal requested by the group will be introduced
Tractor ride

Tour guides: please see also excursion instructions

Programme fees

€9/participant. Includes admission to the domestic animal park and a guided programme.

Free admission: tour guide, bus driver, children under 2 years, also depending on the size of the group: 1 free admission / 20 paid admissions

NOTE: Regardless of the size of the group, our minimum charge is 30 people. The contents of the programme can be adjusted. You can present your own ideas, e.g. by requesting a certain animal buddy for a special introduction.

For an additional fee

Excursion soup of the day:

  • Minced meat soup
  • Catering includes a drink (juice, milk or water), bread (soft and crispbread), cheese and pickles. We can take special diets into consideration if we are notified in advance.
  • Children under school age: €6
  • School age children: €7
  • Adults: €8 (includes coffee and cookies)

Campfires: by the grill or the lean-to by the field: Total price for groups: €30 (includes wood supply and rubbish collection).

Reservations and inquiries: (in Finnish, Swedish or English)