Excursion – Farmers chores

Excursion – farmers’ chores

The programme is suitable for children of daycare age and school age as well as for clubs and family groups.

Available: From March until June
Special groups: The programme and the area lend themselves to various kinds of special activities.
Length of the excursion: approx. 3 hours. Days are divided into periods by age group and each period has a theme.

Morning schedule

• Arrival 9.00am-9.45am (tour guide info e.g. picnic areas, invoicing forms)
• Gather behind the hoses to start the day
• Distribution of feeding tasks
• 9.30am–10.00am Introducing the goat and milking practice
• 10.00am Feeding the pigs
• 10.30am-11.00am Milking the cow outside of the cow house
• 11.00am-11.30am Chocolate milk for those who want some, independent picnics and booked catering (lunch/picnic areas by the blackboard on the parking area) (wash hands by the parking area)
• 11.00am-11.45am Rides on a pony-drawn carriage (on days with school children present there is also a mini kiosk) (use coins, if possible)
• 11.45am-12.30pm Riding tour on a tractor

Self-guided activities for groups between programme slots:
– feeding grass to animals (rabbits, sheep and birds) (Note! Please do not feed horses or pigs without permission or guidance. This ensures that they will remain nice and healthy)
– play and game areas, e.g. the quirky tunnel, hay attic, swimming in oats

NOTE! For general safety, there are no water-related activities in the spring (row boats, canoes and beaches not in use) (an available option for afternoon groups, if agreed upon separately)

NOTE! Groups are expected to be ready approximately 10 minutes before the programme starts. Lavatories and the picnic area are available for use

Afternoon schedule: Excursion time, e.g. 1.00pm–3.30/4.00pm

• The programme is customisable for your group
• The excursion time is also suitable for older primary school children as well as for secondary school children (separate programme sent by email)

Start: Reception at the car park, introduction to the visit and becoming familiar with the area Animal buddies. Short slot for independent activities from hay jumping to swimming in oats and feeding the animals.
Milking experiment: A goat or a cow
In between: Dining (your own food or booked catering)
Free time: Optional programme and a small kiosk
Horsing: Horses are always included one way or another (depending on the weather, age group and circumstances; also petting horses, pony rides or pony-drawn carriages, hand-led horse rides)
Tradition: Topical work show, e.g. a game featuring objects or beliefs and customs from the old days
Animal buddy: Introduction/feeding of a foreign animal buddy
Tractor ride


Programme fees

€9/participant. Includes admission to the domestic animal park and a guided programme.

Free admission: tour guide, bus driver, children under 2 years, also depending on the size of the group: 1 free admission / 20 paid admissions

NOTE! Regardless of the size of the group, our minimum charge is 30 x €11 = €330, including VAT.

For an additional fee

Excursion soup of the day

  • Soup of the day (minced meat soup or frankfurter soup)
  • Catering includes a drink (juice, milk or water), bread (soft and crispbread), cheese and pickles. We can take special diets into consideration if we are notified in advance.
  • Under school age: €6
  • School age children: €7
  • Adults: €8 (includes coffee and cookies)

Campfire: by the grill or the lean-to by the field

Total price for groups: €30 (includes wood supply and rubbish collection).

Reservations and inquiries: info@koivuniemenherra.fi (in Finnish, Swedish or English)