Cone cow World Championships 8.6.2024

The world championships in cone cow making sat 8.6.2024

The world championships in cone cow making at Koivuniemen Herran tourism farm, Merikarvia
Sat 8.6.2024 13-17


The purpose of the contest is to familiarise with the traditional Finnish toy, but at the same time it is a pleasant pastime for the whole family. The cone cows are part of Finnish tradition and children’s culture. The competition is meant to be a fun and playful event that celebrates the shared joy of creativity and invention. The World Championships will be accompanied by the world’s first cone cow auction, the proceeds of which will be donated to UNICEF.

Categories:  Schoolchildren, families, and associations and companies (invitational competition)  
Rules: Contestants must use natural materials (provided on site) at the location. 
The cows are given names, and they are introduced during a ‘cow walk’ (someone other than the creator may perform the introduction). The time available is from cow’s bell to cow’s bell. 
Location: Koivuniemen Herran tourism farm, Merikarvia 
Evaluation categories: Balance, creativity, introduction, development of the character 
Chairperson of the jury: Sculptor-artist Veijo Setälä 
To the registration form (free event)

The jury consists of a panel of experts with knowledge of the arts and the subject. The experts represent art and children’s culture networks and milk producers. The jury is chaired by sculptor Veijo Setälä. The jury also includes author Aino Havukainen and illustrator Sami Toivonen, who have designed their own Tatu ja Patu emblem for the event. 

Program sat 8.6. 1pm-5pm (Finnish-English) 
The flea market will be open throughout the event. The money raised from the flea markets and auction will be donated to UNICEF.

1pm INFO and UNICEF- flea market 
2pm Openings – Welcome 
– Introducing the jury 
– The series start (schoolchildren, families, and associations and companies (invitational competition) 
– “Cowwalk” for finalists 
– Cone cow – UNICEF auction 
3.30pm Award ceremony 
– Grande finale with the MuuMaa mascot